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Based on the individual needs of your family I will prepare fresh meals, freezer meals, baked goods and snacks all based on your nutritional priorities.  I have experience in cooking for Paleo, AIP, GAPS, Body Ecology, SCD, vegetarian, or just a whole food based diet. 

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Our family has been blessed to work with Jessica and get to know her on a personal level for the last 5 years.  When she started I was in desperate need of a chef/health counselor who could help me create delicious and nutritious meals for my son with Autism and food allergies.  We were following a gluten and dairy-free diet and it was getting increasingly difficult to sustain, as he was also reluctant to try new foods.  I didn’t have the time and energy to figure it out on my own so I was fortunate to find someone who already had the knowledge, expertise and temperament to help us succeed!  Jessica transformed our son’s eating habits with her creativity around his food allergies, going as far as to create a wholesome protein bar complete with a wrapper!  This thoughtful gesture helped him to feel included in a shared family experience.  In her very generous, patient and steadfast way, Jessica encouraged my son to become flexible with food and now we can all eat the same meal together as a family.  For this we are forever grateful!  
– Client from Chelsea, NYC