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I am so glad you found interest in Young Living oils!  These are the most pure and potent oils out there- literally from  They clean and repair cell walls, inspire a positive state, enhance your physical wellness, purify your home, and refine your beauty routine. You will find so many resources for body, home and wellness.  To join in and start receiving the benefits of being in the Young Living family, you start with purchasing a Starter Kit.   This will provide you with a wonderful variety of oils to discover, a diffuser of your choice, AND give you access to all products at wholesale prices. Below is a description of what you will receive and what these oils can give you. 


Premium Essential Oils Collection:


Lavender - relaxing and balancing

Copaiba - anti fungal/bacterial 

Peppermint - digestive stimulant, antibacterial/viral, soothes headaches, skin conditions

Lemon - promotes clarity of thought. For varicose veins, UTI, anxiety, digestive problems, acne

Frankincense - Great for eliminating wrinkles, uplifts spirits, used to treat illness, meditative and mental clarity

Thieves - most amazing blend of highly antiviral, anti-septic/bacterial/infectious. Their signature oil. 

Purification -disinfects the air, cleans cuts and scrapes and bug bites, add two drops to a wet cloth and add to dryer

RC - gives relief from colds, sinus infections, coughs, sore throats, relieves allergy symptoms

DiGize - relieves digestion, heartburn, gas, bloating. Helps fight candida

PanAway - reduces pain and inflammation, increases circulation, and accelerates healing, relieves swelling, bruising

Stress Away - provides peace and tranquility, relieves daily stress and tension, promotes relaxation


Not only do you get these oils and the diffuser, you also receive NingXia Red sample packets, and some sample sachets for your purse or a friend!



Signing up as a Wholesale Member means that you have to give your social security number.  This does not mean that you have to sell these oils yourself.  Not a one.  However, if your friends start loving the products on you and see the change in you and your household, you could start making commissions immediately by them signing up. Having a wholesale membership means that you will get 24% off of retail price forever as long as your membership stays active. All you have to do to keep your membership active is order a minimum of 50PV per year.  Easy.  Your Social Security number is required so that if you earn more than $600 in a calendar year, Young Living can send you tax forms. But if you never choose to sell, they’ll never use your Social Security number.


Click Here to start! You will see my number already entered as Sponsor ID and then you will see your Enroller ID automatically entered.  Click continue and continue to accept me as your enroller. Next you get to pick your diffuser!  The one included is a very good diffuser but they have a few different upgrades should you want to take a look. Scroll down and skip the optional step 2.  That will be for later on down the line if you choose to sell.  Press next to continue the purchase of your starter kit, and then Continue Enrollment again.  The rest is easy-peasy.  


I’m here to answer any questions you might have!  I’m excited for you!